2018 Meeting Update

August 2018 Planning for our Picnic in September

July 2018 no monthly meeting this month

June 2018 CCRWC Hosted a Republican Central Committee Candidate Forum at Winters Mill High School

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 2016 Meetings:

March 2016 - 

April 2016 - Candidate Presentations - Donna Sivigny, School Board

May 2016 - Delegate Susan Krebs, Member of CCRWC

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016 - Picnic Planning Meeting

September 2016 - Fall Picnic with Kathy Szeliga @ Bennett Cerf Park

October 2016- Delegate April Rose

November 2016- Election Night @ GOP Headquarters

December - Annual Christmas Party - tbd


2014 Meeting Notes

Whether it was teaching children in the classroom or seeing to her constituents' needs as a delegate, Nancy Stocksdale spent a lifetime serving others. Now, after a 34-year career in the public school system and 25 years spent in government, Stocksdale is retiring.

Though mostly known as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates representing District 5A in Carroll County, Stocksdale, a Republican, said her preparation for political office began as a school teacher.

Before moving to Carroll County in 1984, she lived and worked in Baltimore County, teaching both middle- and high-school students, Stocksdale said.

The task and responsibility of teaching children, and learning to be comfortable around large groups, was vital to her success as a delegate, she said.

"Being able to speak to a bunch of kids helped me to speak to groups of adults," Stocksdale said. "When I went door to door early on, registering voters and asking for votes, all of that resulted from my training in the classroom."

She said her career in politics started as more of an accident. After Stocksdale moved to Carroll County, the majority of her friends still lived in Baltimore County. While reading the Carroll County Times, she noticed an advertisement for a luncheon with members of a county Republican club at Baugher's Country Restaurant in Westminster. Because she didn't know anyone, she thought this would be a good way to break the ice with her community, she said.

While at the luncheon, she met John Armacost, who served as county commissioner from 1982 to 1990.

"I was kind of embarrassed actually because I had been talking to him for more than an hour and didn't recognize him," Stocksdale said.

She began helping the club organize events, and went door to door during election time registering voters and supporting the candidates she felt would do well for the county, she said.

In 1990, club members asked Stocksdale to run for a spot on the Carroll County Republican Central Committee, which she eventually won. During her four-year term, she continued canvassing neighborhoods and registering voters.

In 1993, after former Rep. Roscoe Bartlett took office, he hired Stocksdale to work in his district office in Westminster, but she left shortly after to prepare for her own political campaign.

She was again asked to run, this time for an open seat in the House of Representatives in 1994 created by 1990 redistricting.

"I had no idea what [delegates] did or what money they made; I was just asked to run and I said I would," Stocksdale said.

After winning the delegate seat, she was appointed to the appropriations committee, which she was a member of during the entirety of her career in Annapolis, and the transportation and the environment subcommittee. After winning re-election in 1998, she said she asked to be put on the education and economic development subcommittee when the General Assembly convened the next year.

Stocksdale said she asked for the assignment because she thought her experience in the classroom would be helpful.

"I'm really very passionate at trying to help kids achieve in high school and beyond, and I felt that would be a better place for me than transportation," she said.

She said, however, that she got her most satisfaction from helping her constituents.

"I try to help people cut through the red tape of state government," she said. "The general public doesn't know that it is a very important part of my job."

Del. Susan Krebs, R-District 5, said she has worked with Stocksdale very closely since Krebs was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2002. Though Stocksdale's passion was education, Krebs said, she was far more hands-on when dealing with her constituents' needs than other politicians.

"[Stocksdale] also loved to go to community events to make sure people were honored for their service and achievements," Krebs said. "Nancy has an unlimited amount of energy; she's up doing stuff when I'm going to bed. She's full of enthusiasm."

- See more at: http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/news/local/ph-cc-stocksdale-retirement-20141226,0,3115960.story#sthash.TYVYBitg.dpuf


April 2014:  Our speakers included Jerry Barnes, Haven Shoemaker, Richard Rothschild and David Craig. We appreciated the time these candidates spent with us allowing us to get to know them better and help us make informed decisions at voters!  David Craig left us with the cutest homemade elephant (made by his granddaughter!)  

March 2014: March 4 meeting postponed to March 25 due to weather.

                            March 25: a business only meeting was held. Krista reported that our candidate speaker schedule is full until the primary. A letter was emailed to every Carroll County Candidate that filed for office and invited them to schedule limited speaking slots on a first come basis. This approach seems to work well.  Several exciting activities were suggested for the upcoming year.  The Club will be scheduling a Women On Target Day for Firearms education, Americana Movie Nights will be offered this summer and a Road Trip to DC was discussed.  The Club will also continue to include  Topical Presentations.  We are looking forward to hearing a Presentation on "Executive Pen vs. The Constitution at our May meeting.  Everyone was encouraged to support our candidates with not only our funds but also with our time and talents.   It looks to be an exciting Election Year! 

February 2014: Cancelled due to weather

January 2014: No Meeting held


2010 Year End Report for the Carroll County Republican Women’s Club

The CCRWC members were busy in 2010.  Several members ran for office this year; two for County Commissioner, one for Judge of the Orphan’s Court (won), and one for Central Committee member (won).  We also had associate members running for office; one for State Delegate (won), two for County Commissioner, one for County Board of Education, and one for Central Committee member (won).  Members were also important in several campaigns for state and local races as poll workers, door knockers, treasurers, campaign managers, and county coordinators.

This year the CCRWC hosted a Commissioner Candidate Forum where all Commissioner candidates were invited to meet the public in an open event in downtown Westminster, and a majority of the candidates participated.

The CCRWC also hosted a US Senatorial Forum at the Carroll Community College and had five of the Republican candidates participate and about 150 people attend the question and answer forum.  This event encouraged active participation and input of other Republican clubs in the area. 

Our weekly meetings hosted a wide variety of candidates giving every candidate who wished it the opportunity to speak with our members and other guests.  We also had speakers from the County Board of Education and the Sheriff speak on issues of local importance.

The CCRWC members wrote and signed and sent letters of support to the Arizona Legislature and Gov Brewer over their strong stance against illegal immigration.

The club created and maintained a club website which has had over 700 hits in 2010.  http://carrollcountyrepublicanwomen.yolasite.com/

Our members conducted two raffle fundraisers this year.  One raffle was for a $500 prize and the ticket proceeds ($2000) went to support the Maryland National Guard through A Taste of Home.  The second raffle was for a donated, hand made quilt and the proceeds ($250) will sponsor a training workshop in Republican strategies and ideology for the TeenAge Republicans locally and statewide.

We had members attend all MFRW Leadership Training and Conventions.


 December Meeting Update

Our warmest thank yous go to Leith and Tom, who hosted our annual club Christmas party.  It was a huge success and was very well attended by club members and guests.  During this lovely evening we presented Dr Strahl, Director of A Taste of Home, a check for $2000 for his work to provide supplies to our Maryland National Guard members serving overseas.  Dr Strahl told us about the new mission his organization has been asked to fufill.  TOH will help provide couseling services for returning Guard members who are not elegible for government counseling when not remaining on active status.

We had a silent auction as a club fundraiser and donated supplies to Shepard's Staff.


 November Meeting Update

Our meeting for this month had no guest speakers.  We had delayed our meeting by one day to accommodate Election Day, which fell on our regularly scheduled meeting date.  It was a good election for Republicans nation wide and for county level Republicans in Maryland, but statewide Maryland Republicans did only moderately well, picking up a few House seats but loosing a couple Senate seats.

We pulled the winners for our raffles, both for the $500 and the quilt and contacted those individuals.  A Taste of Home will receive proceeds from raffle sales of $2000 and our club will help pay for a workshop/training session for the CCTARs out of the approximately $250 raised for the quilt raffle.

Club dues are now due. 

We were invited to attend the swearing in ceremonay of the newly elected Central Commitee member on Nov 18. 

Ideas for club activities were discussed:  focus on local municiple elections which will be coming up, consider hosting a Longerberger Basket auction as a fundraiser, attend a legislative day in Annapolis hosted by Del Ready, help with City on the Hill, attend local government meetings, write a monthly letter to the Carroll County Times, and/or have the club become a member of the Carroll Media Center in order to get Republican ideas and info out to the community.

MFRW Fall Convention 

This convention was held at the Doublt Tree Hotel in Annapolis.  One member of our club was in attendance.  They held an interesting and informative workshop on basic Parlimentary Procedures which was very helpful. 

A discussion of how the conventions are organized was brought up by our club member during the convention and a motion to change the scheduling of the workshops to the Saturday from the Friday was made, seconded and voted for.  This would make the conventions much more accessible and valuable for those who work and have children who find it difficult to attend the Friday portion of the convention, but still have to pay for both days in order to come on Saturday, when only the breakfast, luncheon and the convention itself (which only Club Presidents and MFRW Board members can vote during) are held, but none of the more educational parts of the convention happen.

Several Resolutions for the upcoming legislative session were proposed and voted on:

Resolution 1:   Resolved that the National Federation of Republican Women stands with the people of Arizona and applauds the State of Arizona and its Governor Jan Brewer for its recent action to protect and defend its citizens, our country, and the sovereignty of both the State of Arizona and the United States of America.

Resolution 2:  Resolved that the National Federation of Republican Women at the September 8-11, 2010 Board of Directors meeting in Charleston, SC, urges Congress to pass HR 1868 in the House and to introduce a companion bill in the Senate to help end the explosive problem of illegal immigreation and unfair taxation on US citizens.

Resolution 3:  Resolved the the National Federation of Republican Women at the September 8-11, 2010 Board of Directors meeting usges passage of legislation that requires voters to show government-issued photo identification at the polls before being allowed to cast a ballot.

Resolution 4:  Resolved that we the members of the National Federation of Republican Women join unanimously to celebrate that important vote and ratification giving us our rights to vote and to hold office (August 18, 1920, 90th Anniversary.)

Resolution 5: To thank the Double Tree Hotel for its services for this convention.

Resolution 6:  To thank the members of the clubs of the MFRW Central Region for their efforts in hosting this convention.



 October Meeting Update

Our speaker for this month was Bruce Holstein who has a financial background and experience in auditing and accounting.  Bruce spoke to us about the financial figures behind the incinerator project being considered by our Commissioners in partnership with Frederick County.  According to Bruce, with considerable numeric backing, the expected costs being sited by the county and the expected incomes are not realistic and will end up costing county tax payers a considerable amount over time.  His strong recommendation to Carroll and Frederick county residents and officials is to reject this plan.   Our flea market for this month has been cancelled and rescheduled for the Ag Center.

 September Meeting

Our meeting for this month was our annual club picnic.  Our great thanks go to the Kniesler family for hosting this picnic at their lovely homestead.   This was a well attended meeting and we had several candidates who spoke briefly.  All stayed for the evening to discuss politics and eat the delicious pot luck dishes brought by all.  Leith had also arranged to have a representative from Cookie Lee jewelry sell her items for a portion of the proceeds as a club fundraiser. 

August Meeting

We had several candidates who visited to briefly speak about their campaigns

Michelle Jefferson- Commissioner Dist 3

Nancy Stocksdale- Delegate Dist 5A

Bill Niner- Delegate Dist 5A

Ron Brewer-Judge of the Orphans Court

Mike Blackson- Central Committee

Jeffrey Peters- Central Committee


 The primary election, which will be held on 9/14, was discussed  and all were encouraged to help with local candidates and their campaigns.  The Carroll County Republican Headquarters were opened and are on Carroll Street.  Hours are 10-7 M-F and 9-12 Sat.  Volunteers are needed to man the office.  Our Annual Picnic will be held at Krista's home and everyone was asked to bring a dish to share and chairs.  Our next fundraiser will be the flea market at St Paul's in Upperco on 10/9 and donations as well as volunteers were requested. 

The US Constitution Class was a success with approximately 40 people attending.  Many were interested in having it available again, and the Maryland Constitution Class offered here.

The US Senate Candidate Forum hosted by the CCRWC on July 12th at the Carroll Community College was a success with about 150 people attending to hear five candidates answer questions posed from local Republican clubs.

 July Meeting

Our guest speaker for this month was Sheriff Tregoning who spoke about the importance of the Sheriff's department in the county.  It is the only Constitutionally created law enforcement agency and as such must exist in each county regardless of whether there is any other enforcement agency or not.  It is also the only agency whose head is selected by a vote of the people as opposed to appointment by the local government leadership.  The Sheriff's Department, therefore, is the only law enforcement agency which is directly accountable to the citizenry.

Two member families have distressing news.  Linda's father-in-law passed away this month and all members were invited to his Mass service.  Our condolences go out to Linda, Keane and their girls.  Marilyn's husband has been re-hospitalized with heart problems and our best wishes to to her and Ed.

The following candidates spoke at this meeting:

Brian DiMaggio - Commissioner Dist 2

Richard Rothschild- Commissioner Dist 4

Gary Johnson- Commissioner Dist 3

Mary Kowalski- Commissioiner Dist 3

Bill Niner- Delegate Dist 5A

Joe Krysztoforski- Representative Dist 6 announced a fundraiser

Kathy Fuller- Central Committee


We discussed the upcoming Senate Candidate Forum which will be held at the Carroll Community College and which we have been working hard to arrange.  Six candidates have rsvp'd and we are hoping for at least 100 attendees from the public.  We have gotten question submissions from the South Carroll Republican Club, from the Carroll County Young Republicans and from the Carroll County TeenAge Republicans as well as from our own club.  These clubs will have members participate asking the questions from their clubs.  All club members were asked to invite family and friends and to attend to help man the tables, escort the VIPs, etc. 

We had a successful Commissioner Candidate Open House with most of the candidates available to speak with the public, although not as many in the public chose to take advantage of this opporutunity as we had hoped.  Many in the public still seem asleep at the wheel. 

We are hosting, in cooperation with the Ron Smith Fan Club, Save a Patriot, and the Institute on the Constitution a US Constitution Class July 30-31st.  Our club is helping to advertise to the county, bring food, and coordinate the 2 day event.

Tickets were distributed for our two raffles to our members to sell.  One raffle is to raise money for A Taste of Home and one is to raise money for a CCTARs workshop.  The prizes will be $500 for the TOH raffle and a donated, hand made quilt for the CCTARs raffle.

 June Meeting Update

Delegate Tanya Shewell began with an announcement that she will not be running for an additional term in this upcoming election but has decided to retire and spend  time on personal and religious pursuits  instead.  She chose the CCRWC as the venue to make this major announcements because she is a founding member of this club, former President, and the Republican Women's Club of Carroll County was her springboard into public office.   Delegate Nancy Stockdale spoke in support of the hard work and dedicated service that Delegate Shewell has done for the constituency of this district.  The members and supporters of this club wish Delegate Shewell a fulfilling retirement and would like to express our admiration for her energy and good will in executing her office and hope that she will continue to be a supporter and active member of this club.  We wish Delegate Shewell all the best as she finishes out her term as Delegate and transitions into what promises to be a very active retirement.

We had very sad news from two of our members this month.  Josie's husband died in an accident at her home.  Several members attended Scott's funeral service held at the Westminster Fire Department where he was a volunteer fireman.  It was a moving service for a man who has obviously been very active and involved in local organizations.  Our heart goes out to Josie and her kids and family.  Debbie's Mother also died after a long illness and our sympathies also go with her and her family.

Two of our members had serious illnesses in their family.  Ruth's daughter was hospitalized (appendix) and so was Marilyn's husband (heart surgery).  Our best wishes go with them.

We discussed the Commissioner Open House we are hosting coming up at the park in Westminster.  We have had a good response from Commissioner candidates to participate and are expecting several members to help with this community education event.  We also discussed the US Senate Forum we will be holding at the Community College.

As part of the budget discussion, tabled from last month, we considered two requests for donations.  One request was from the Kiwanis for a donation to help cover the cost of the Westminster fireworks, which we decided to donate to.  The second was for the Carrol County Sportsmens' Association Bingo.  We decided to fill a basket for their event as they donate to candidates who are friendly toward gun ownership and hunting.

We are hosting, in cooperation with the Ron Smith Fan Club, Save a Patriot, and the Institute on the Constitution a US Constitution Class July 30-31st.  Our club is helping to advertise to the county, bring food, and coordinate the 2 day event.

Tickets were distributed for our two raffles to our members to sell.  One raffle is to raise money for A Taste of Home and one is to raise money for a CCTARs workshop.  The prizes will be $500 for the TOH raffle and a donated, hand made quilt for the CCTARs raffle.


 May Meeting Update

Our guest speakers for this month were candidate for Maryland Governor Brian Murphy and                                             candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Rutledge.   

Brian Murphy spoke about being a business man with experience running his own business start-up, Smith Island Baking Company, where he signs the checks and makes sure all the bills are paid and expenses do not overrun income.  Prior to his baking company and before deregulation of the industry he worked for Constellation Energy, managing $4billion in revenues and oversaw more than 25 power plants.   He spoke of the Maryland budget, how we do not have a revenue problem in this state but a spending problem, and that we must look line by line at our spending and cut where feasible to bring the state back to fiscal soundness.

Jim Rutledge spoke about going to the US Senate and standing up to the incumbent Senators for the people of Maryland.  He spoke about being fiscally responsible, about gun rights, about tax cuts and about returning our freedoms we have been slowly loosing over the past years.

Both speakers were well received and we had our largest turnout yet with over 40 people in attendance.

We also met the leadership of the Carroll County TeenAge Republicans who spoke briefly about their membership's wilingness to work campaigns and their desire to help local Republican groups.  They have been asked to help the CCRWC host the Commissioner Open House in June and the US Senate Candidate Forum in July.

We passed around a set of three letters in support of the Arizona law recently passed which restates their committment to support national immigration laws and to arrest those found to be in violation of those laws.  Anyone, members or guests, were invited to sign in support of the Arizona Senate, House and Governor.  These letters will be sent via the post office to the appropriate officials.


A budget proposal was submitted.  Josie made a motion to table it until June's meeting and Leith seconded that motion, which carried.

We had an update on the Commissioner Open House.  The planning is going well and we have 5 confirmed candidates, and 2 unconfirmed candidates.  That is half of the registered candidates to date.

We had an update on the US Senate Forum which is planned to be held in the Carroll Community College Theater.  We have 3 confirmed candidates of 6 registered candidates to date.

We received 2 new paid memberships at this meeting and were happy to see so many new faces, many of whom were elected officials and/or candidates for office in the county and at the state level.

On Saturday, May 15, we will hold our Flea Market fundraiser at St Paul's Church in Upperco and are asking the membership to donate items and to volunteer on the day.

Maryland  GOP  Convention

The MDGOP Convention was held April 30-May 1 in Ocean City at the Princess Royale Resort.  It was a 2 day event, Friday afternoon until Saturday evening.  There was a good crowd and they offered a wide variety of workshops over the two days to educate and inform.  Workshops on coalition building, voter vault training and grassroots building were held among others.  These workshops were generally well attended and well received. 

At the Executive Committee Meeting the state of the MDGOP was discussed and appears to be gaining in fiscal health with good donations being generated.  A member of the Executive Committee asked what are the rules for working on campaigns.  He was told by the MDGOP Chair, Audrey Scott, and the MDGOP attorney, that as long as one does not work on a campaign under their GOP title then one is allowed to support any  Republican candidate and their campaign.  The questioning gentleman had inquired because at the registration desk Ehrlich lanyards to attach one's nametag had been in large supply and were pushed enthusiastically by the registering staff at the table.  He was told that the MDGOP did not pay for these but they were donated by the Ehrlich campaign.  More controversy was created when GOP Chair Scott introduced the guest speaker for the luncheon, former Governor Bob Ehrlich, and in her introduction spoke enthusiastically about the certainty of his being elected the next Governor of Maryland.  This was in direct violation of the rules as had been clearly stated the evening before.  This is a contested primary.  Ehrlich spoke about the problems that had been created over the past couple of years due to his successor Martin O'Malley.  Brian Murphy, Republican candidate for Governor was present but his name was not once mentioned and he was never given the opportunity to speak.

At the Main Session of the Convention the National Committeewoman, Joyce Terhes and National Committeeman, Louis Pope both spoke about the coming election and were strong in their support for Bob Ehrlich as the next Governor of Maryland.  Again, breaking the rules.  It appeared that the only real business which was conducted was to vote to recognize the Maryland TeenAge Republicans as an official GOP organization.  This was well supported, but the means of bringing this vote to the floor was also, apparently, not done within the guidelines of the rules.  These issues did not go unnoticed by many of the gathered Central Committee members and complaints were lodged.

The dinner speaker was David Winston, a noted pollster, whose main point was that while the left and right are left and right, the center swing voters generally swing right, so we have momentum on our side with those voters if the GOP does nothing to lose them. 

 April Meeting Update

Our April meeting was busy. 
Gail Carter director of the Board of Elections of Carroll County spoke at our meeting in reference to early voting which will begin this primary on September 03-09, 2010.  Primary election is on September 14, 2010 Independent and non-partisan affiliation will not be able to vote in the primaries.  Early voting will be held in the county at the Westminster Senior Center only.
Election judges are in need; if you are interested please contact the Board of Elections.
November 2 is the General election. Early voting starts October 22-29, 2010.
July 05, 2010 is the deadline for candidates to register to run.
Deadline to change your party affiliation is June 21, 2010.
All club members that were present were sworn to be certified voter registrators.
The club is sponsoring a Commissioner Open House Saturday, June 05, 2010, 10am-2pm.  We need volunteers and to borrow an easy to put up tent/awning.
The club spoke about having a yard sale Saturday, May 15th  at Saint Paul’s Church in Upperco.  Sale runs 8am-4pm.  We need donations and volunteers as this is a major fundraiser for our club.  Without money we cannot do the activism in the county and state we should be doing.


MFRW April Conference Notes 

I and Ginny Meerman, State Chair of Raging Elephants, successfully pushed a reluctant MFRW Board for an informational workshop hosting Raging Elephants founder Claver Kamau-Imani.  This organization is a minority outreach effort and the workshop was heavily attended and was a huge success being well received by all attendees.  Raging Elephants was referenced many times in subsequent conversations and in other workshops. 

Workshops were also given on campaign preparation and community volunteering being done in various areas.  There was a short presentation of Traumatic Stress Syndrome which is suffered by some of our returning military.

In the Board of Directors meeting we voted on several Resolutions which were passed.  I suggested that they be put on the MFRW web site so all of the membership could view these Resolutions.  This has not been done as of yet.  There were no changes to the bylaws during this convention.

The budget was presented.  The new MFRW President, Ruth Umbel, and the new Executive Board had requested that a CD be cashed in at the beginning of the year as the MFRW was in debt and needed to access the money to pay outstanding bills.  At the time I had asked several member of the Executive Board why we were suddenly short of money but had received no adequate answer.  When the budget was brought up during this meeting I addressed the Executive Board about this issue and ask the question again, 'why were we suddenly short of money in January when we had not been, nor been budgeted to be short as of November?'   The answer was that the November and January conferences had cost more than they had budgeted for and this had thrown them over in their finances.  I have assurances from Dee Hodges, the new Treasurer, that she will be keeping close track of spending so this does not happen under her stewardship.  I was thanked by several members afterward for asking that question, so we were not the only ones wondering what had happened.  I do believe we may have been the only ones who actually asked.  In my opinion all Club President should have been asking what had happened to the money.  A question was brought up about whether the regional chairs have money assigned to them in the budget for their expenses and the answer was yes, a small amount of money is budgeted for travel expenses.  Membership to the Bay Club was encouraged.  Individual or Club membership can be registered.  The Bay Club is one of the main means of fundraising for the MFRW and membership includes a couple of special events over the course of the year.

Patt Parker, former MFRW President and now NFRW  Second Vice President, was present and spoke about her duties and how she came to be in her postion.

Joyce Terhes is the National Committeewoman of Maryland and as such is the female representative from Maryland to the National GOP, I believe.  She spoke of the need for everyone to make politics this year the most important issues in our lives and to get out and get busy volunteering with campaigns, donating money to campaigns, talking with our neighbors about political issues, and fighting to take back our country.  

During the Board meeting I announced the formation of the Maryland Statewide TeenAge Repulican Club (MDTARs), and spoke about the existance of county and high school clubs, asking the MFRW clubs if they would please support these teens.  I had several ladies approach me afterward about contacting their local TARs.  I also approached MFRW President Ruth Umbel and asked that the Chairs of the MDTARs be invited to the fall convention to introduce themselves and their organization.  She seemed to accept the idea.

There was an evening reception on Friday where many candidates for office spoke.  All of the registered candidates for US Senate spoke, several local Montgomery candidates spoke, Brain Murphy who is running for Governor spoke, and several MFRW members who are running for office spoke, among others.

At the luncheon on Saturday the guest speaker was Bob Ehrlich. 

I attended both days of the conference; Michelle Jefferson and Josie Velasquez attended the Saturday portion of the conference.  I highly recommend that more of our members attend these conferences.  They are an excellent way for us to learn, to meet other active Republican women, to make connections and form working bonds.  To be effective we must build coalitions.  This is a good place to start.

March Meeting Update

Our meeting  this month was again threatened by snow, but it fell lightly and didn't seem to cause too much concern.

We discussed the several open Club positions which need filling, including membership, fundraiser, and some additional help with historian (scrapbooker) and publicity (writer).  If you can help in one of these areas please volunteer!  You don't even need to take on the whole position, but just a portion if that's all you are able to do.  To have a club every member needs to contribute in some form or we cannot accomplish anything.

We are still organizing our Commissioner Candidate Forum for the late spring/early summer.  The Town Mall would not agree to host our event so Stephanie is working on a location across from the Westminster library on a city event day in June.

We signed a sympathy card to send to Pat Wolf in memory of Hobie.  George announced an upcoming book signing and speaker event with the well known Sheriff Mack, and Justin announced a fundraiser event for his campaign.

Our Guest speaker was Carmen Amedori, candidate for U.S. Senate.  If she wins the primary in September she will run against Senator Barbara Mikulski.  Carmen spoke about her experience as a journalist, a two term state Delegate and a member of the Board of Parole.  She spoke about her Republican values, and her ability to go toe to toe with Mikulski as a woman.  In addtion to our regular membership, several of  Carmen's family members came to her her speak.

We had a door prize drawing, which one of our visiting guests won, a basket drawing (supplied by Leith Clinton) which Krista won, and a 50/50 drawing which Jim's  guest Louise won, and donated back to us!  Thank you for your generosity! 

Our guest next month will be from the Board of Elections to anwser voting questions and I am working on getting them to certify us in voter registation.

Be sure to join us! 


 February Meeting Update

Although snow was forcast for our meeting this month, and did indeed show up, we decided to go ahead and hold our meeting since our speaker was willing to come all the way out to Carroll.  We had a good showing with five guests and many members attending.

Club business: 

  1. We are planning for our Cadidates for Commission Forum and have Stephanie on the Facility/Date Committee, Grace on the Invitations Committee, and Leith on the Publicity Committee.  We need all members to step up and help with this large event.  If you don't have a spot yet on a committee I will happily arrange one.
  2. Members were given the passwords and user ids for the MFRW and NFRW sites.  If you don't know what they are please contact me.
  3. If you know of Candidates please send me their info and I will put them on this site under our upcoming Candidate page.
  4. April 9-10 will be the MFRW Spring Convention at the Gaithersburg Holiday Inn.  I hope many of our members will attend.  This is our largest benefit for being members of the Federation:  training.
  5. Legislative Breakfast is coming up Feb 20 from 8am-11am for $30.  See our calendar page for more details.
  6. We need Membership Volunteers to create a call tree, and keep member info up to date.
  7. We need Fundraising Coordinators: a Yard Sale Chair, a Taste of Home Chair, and a Raffle Ticket Chair.
  8. We discussed moving our meetings to a larger venue that was more conducive to conversation but no vote was taken as we did not receive a second on the motion.  We stay at Legends.
  9. We discussed having a monthly social where we could talk more politics, strategize and plan without having to conduct club business.  No motion was made.


Whitney attended to show us a CD of photos taken while she and 3 other ladies rallied in support of the House Republicans during their Retreat in Baltimore this month.  They were warmly received by prominent House Republicans and their appreciative wives, while warding off hostile Obama supporters.   They showed what a small group of determined, conservative women can do to really support our side.

 Cindy gave us a detailed and informative lesson on the Maryland General Assembly web site, how to look up bills, how to reaad them, and how to find other information on the General Assembly.  It was invaluable information that we should all be using to keep abreast of what legislation is being pushed on both sides of the aisle.  View the power point here:

MLIS site powerpoint short.ppt MLIS site powerpoint short.ppt
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Type : ppt



January Meeting Update

To give  a bit of a recount on what happened at our meeting this month, in case  you missed us....

Mr Bill Cain, Facilities Planner for the Carroll County Department of Education, was our guest speaker.  He explained to us what the general process is for planning school expansion and school improvement is.  He explained that since enrollment in several areas of the county is not growing, but in some cases shrinking, they are focusing their efforts on improving older schools and not planning for new facilities.  He also outlined some of the constraints put on the planning system by federal, state, and local governments.  When questioned he explained how certain costs are increased by things like environmental protection requirements and minority contracting requirements among others.

Michelle is hosting a blood drive this weekend and could really use your participation.

We signed a get well card to send to member and Delegate Tanya Shewell, who had been ill but seems to have recovered nicely. 

Our Club is planning and will be hosting a Candidate for Commissioner Open House, for all Commissioner candidates running in the county.  If you would like to help plan this event please contact any Board Member.  We will ask that all CCRWC members assist and attend on the night of this event.

All members are asked to fill out a membership survey so we can get to know you better.  A copy of the survey is at the Membership link on this site.  If you have not filled this out yet, please print it out, fill it out, and give it to a Board Member...this is a member club so we need to know you, your interests, abilities, and skills to make this a club you want to be active in.

Justin Ready, husband to one of our members, visited to announce his filing  as a Candidate for State Delegate, district 5A, which includes the Westminster area.    You can learn more about Justin at  http://www.justinready.com/.

We announced several upcoming events, all of which are on our Club calendar on this site, under the Calendar tab.

February our guest speaker will be a conservative, Constitutional, Republican strategist who will teach us how to find our way around the Maryland Government web site so we can find and read bills of interest and other important information hidden on that site.

Please join us, Tuesday, February 2.






December Meeting Minutes

Thank you to Leith and Tom for hosting our December meeting in their lovely and warm home. 

In addition to our many members, supporting friends and family, and elected officials, we were joined by our $500 lottery prize winners and by Dr and Mrs Strahl, founders of A Taste of Home, recipient of our lottery fundraising efforts this year.  With the generous help of our community, we were able to raise $2,500 for this fine Maryland organization.  A Taste of Home does so much to enrich and enliven the lives of Maryland's sons and daughters serving in the Maryland National Guard overseas.  Please visit A Taste of Home at http://atasteofhome.org/ to read about the important support work they do and how you can help.

During our evening we said thank you to the outgoing leadership of our Club, Leith, Linda, Ruth, Joan and Debbie, who have given, over the past two years, much time, effort and attention to the needs of our members and this Club.   We appreciate their work and dedication and hope that they will remain active in the Club and help guide the incoming leadership.  At the same time we welcomed our new board members; Grace Greenslit as Treasurer, Josie Velasquez as Secretary, Stephanie Haines and Ruth Pacelli as co-Vice Presidents, and Kathy Fuller as President.  We wish them luck, energy, and perseverance in this time of challenging political climate. 


December Newsletter 

Belle Ringer December 2009

Thanksgiving Greetings to our Members and Friends of the Carroll County Republican Women’s Club!  God Bless the United States Armed Forces and God Bless America!

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday and contemplate plans for the club’s Christmas Party, it is a time for reflection and hope.  This is a time of great challenges for our country and our club.  In order to meet the challenges it will take everyone’s participation in our activities in one way or another.  I want to thank all the members for their support during the past two years, and I am especially grateful to the ladies on the executive board for their service to the club.  As the new officers are sworn in on Dec. 1st let each member commit herself to support Kathy and the new board with her God given talents and prayers.

I haven’t heard from all of the members.  If you are attending our Party/Meeting in December please call me or send me an email so that we can plan accordingly.  All members are requested to bring a dish to share.  We have adequate desserts I believe.  I do not see anyone signed up to bring a fruit or vegetable tray.  We will have several guests in attendance.  These include Dr. Bob Strahl and his wife Amy, and two supporters from Len Stoler car dealership …Dave who won the raffle and Phil who sold tickets for us…and the winning ticket to Dave.  We will also have officers other Republican clubs as well as President Larry Helminiak and members of the Carroll County Central Committee joining us.

The executive board has discussed and approved plans to hold our meetings year round.  If weather is a hardship for you and you cannot make it to the meeting we will certainly understand.  Because of the importance of the 2010 elections we will need to remain active and continuously vigilant.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless. 

"Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood. ... A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives." --John Adams   As reprinted in the Patriot Post November 20th 2009


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